Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow Review

BURBERRY BEAUTY eyeshadows are described as “The innovative composition reconciles comfort with long-lasting wear. Light, yet creamy, this performing powder offers optimal adherence. Silicones provide extreme emollience and comfort. Ensures a smooth application and flawless color fidelity throughout the day. From the most natural look to the most sophisticated finish.”


Thoughts: The eyeshadows are contained in a gun-metal grey casing embossed with the Burberry checks which is encased within a velvet pouch that also bears the Burberry checks. A sponge tip applicator that has the word “Burberry” embossed on the handle is included in the compact.  I have a problem with the applicator. If you are going to bother embossing  your company’s name on an applicator, don’t you think you should put some thought into the production for the applicator? Or rather, put more money into making a better applicator?? The sponge tip applicator is so flimsy! The very first time I used it, it bent! I expected better for the price I am paying and the fact that by marketing the product as a luxury item, a brush would have been much better!

Aside from the disappointing applicator, the product itself is great! There is the most delicate shimmer in the eyeshadow and because of its creamy fine texture, the product is easy to apply, blend and layer with other colours. Despite its creamy texture, I get longer wear out of this eyeshadow than any other brand! My eyeshadows usually melt around early evening, even when I use a primer. With Burberry Beauty eyeshadows, they last till early evening without a primer…which is great since I have one less step and one less product to use in the mornings.

Even though the eyeshadow is called “Sheer”, the pigmentation in this isn’t and the eyeshadows are buildable. If you are used to bright colours like MAC, you will be disappointed with the mainly neutral shades in the Burberry Beauty range. The neutral shades also tend to be warm based so cool-toned ladies might find them too yellow.

There is a scent to the product. I notice that all the Burberry Beauty products seem to have the same scent. As explained previously, I do not fancy scented products.

Verdict:  Highly recommended if you can find shades that you like.

source: nordstrom.com


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