The Duchess’s Fashion Moments: One Year Later – Jewellery (earrings)

The Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of earrings for the past one year…

Apparently, the Duchess is a big fan of Kiki Mcdonough…


  1. December 2011: wearing from Kiki Mcdonough ‘Kiki Classic’ Blue Topaz Oval and Green Amethyst Earrings. The diamond versions are available here
  2. April 2012: at the UK Premiere of ‘African Cats’ wearing from Kiki Mcdonough  ‘Kiki Classic’ Peridot, Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings here
  3. June – July 2011: from Kiki Mcdonough White Topaz and Diamond Stud Earrings. Available here.
  4. June 2011: at the Epson Derby wearing from Kiki Mcdonough ‘Eternal’ Citrine Drop Earrings. Available here.
  1. Untitledwearing sterling silver white topaz and with white rhodolite egg shaped dangling earring called Hope Egg Earrings from ‘Links of London’. Available here.
  2. wearing 9ct yellow gold girandole earrings frm Temple of Heaven. Available here.
  3. June 2011: wearing Gold plated logo leaf earring from Vinnie Day. Available here.
  4. June 2011: ARK Gala. wearing sterling silver bubbles dangling from lavender iolite stones. called Effervesence Bubble Stiletto Earrings from Links of London. Available here.


  1. August 2011: wearing Diamond studs with dangling sapphire oval cabochon set in gold at Summerfield Community Centre, Birmingham.
  2. November 2011: wearing silver earrings with 9ct hoops with crystal paste stones called Eve from Beaut’s Vintage Collection at Gala dinner for the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal. Available here
  3. April 2012: Visiting The Royal British Legion wearing pearl studed and pearl earrings set in gold.
  4. Dec 19, 2011: wearing diamond cluster dangling earrings. 2 clusters of single diamond stone surronded by diamonds, separated in the middle by 3 horizontal baguette diamonds at The Sun Military Awards at the Imperial War Museum.

mc photo 0f356ab0.jpg

  1. June 2011: sapphire cabochon surounded by white diamonds danging from a solitaire diamond set in gold.



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