2012 May Wrap Up

Dear Readers,

It’s the end of May..another 30 more days and officially half the year of 2012 will have gone by!

Sorry if some of you have troubles accessing the blog this month, I made the decision to shut it down for a couple of weeks while I tried to publish posts that I thought I was publishing remotedly…Thank you for readers who wrote in asking to be given access…it warms my heart that my ramblings are being read! ūüôā

To check the posts that you might have missed, its best to check out the monthly wrap ups which details the posts that I write during that month. See 2012 April, 2012 March, 2012 February, 2012 January, 2011 December and 2011 Wrap Up. Yes! posts as far back as December 2011 were missing! Am turning my blog public again but you will still notice the odd bits of new posts popping up here and there.

In celebration of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s one year anniversary, the month of May looks back at the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion moments during her past one year. Check out the main page which takes you to the various posts which covers her accessories, jewellery¬† and clothing here.

The month of June shall officially focus on Queen Elizabeth’s¬† Diamond Jubilee celebrations…hey…doesnt mean I can’t celebrate as well even though I am half-way around the globe! I am up for any excuse to party and 60 years of service deserves to be acknowledged!!

Happy Reading!

‚ô• nutty


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