Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel Review

DR NICK LOWE Spot Gel is described “Targeted and instant action! The perfect anti-bacterial gel to keep blemishes under control. The high potency of the anti-bacterial active ingredients helps fight the causes of skin breakouts. Can be used 3-4 times a day, dab directly onto spots. Contains Salicylic Acid to effectively target blemish prone skin. Willow Bark, Tea Tree and Thyme for their anti-bacterial properties. Arnica to help soothe and reduce inflammation of blemished skin. Vitamins A, C and E. Product is Dermatologically tested, Allergen free fragrance and Non comedogenic.”


I have been hit with a massive outbreak of white heads…still trying to figure out which item caused the breakout. Years ago, a Chantecaille facial therapist recommended this product for the occasional spots I get during that time of the month. It has also been voted Top 10 Spot Treatment by Instyle Uk (here) and won Cosmopolitan awards.

It’s a clear gel that you apply directly onto the affected area. Upon application (I usually apply it at night), the angry red pimple doesn’t look any different. However, the next morning, the red pimple is less red and smaller in size. On occasions it seems to ripen those nasty giant red pimples that seem to stay red on your skin forever within a couple of days.

Please note I have not use this for extended period. I usually take about 1-3 days of application for the pimples to disappear. Since this gel seems to dry out pimples, I think it might make one’s skin flake if used for an extended period.

This gel is packaged in a tube with a screw cap. I do not like the packaging. The end of one of my tubes burst when I brought it travelling with me. The gel soon dried out and couldn’t be used any longer. Another of my tubes dried out because I hardly used it…perhaps I was not closing the screw cap tight enough?

You can purchase this item at Boots or online. Now if only I can find a website that delivers international at a reasonable shipping rate to replenish my stock. 😦

Verdict: Works on pimples. Packaging is not the best for travelling.

source: instyle.co.uk, drnicklowe.com


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