Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask Review

CHANTECAILLE’s Detox Clay Mask is a “highly effective healer that relies on kaolin, a wonderfully absorbent and healing black clay, for its purifying and detoxifying qualities. Pure honey is added to soothe and nourish skin. Rosemary, a purifying anti-bacterial agent, also helps regulate sebum.

Peppermint Oil and Burdock Root, also anti-bacterial, purify skin and tighten pores. Rose, mimosa, jasmine and narcissus flower waxes are natural anti-inflammatories that form a healing and regenerative base. The essential oil from Sweet Orange Peel soothes, softens and regenerates tired, stressed skin.

Rosemary is stimulating and purifying, contributing to clarity of mind. Rose soothes and centers, imparting a sense of well-being. Jasmine aligns the physical and spiritual, releasing a joyous feeling of confidence. Suitable for all skin types–including Dry and Sensitive–that experience regular or occasional breakouts. Apply a generous layer twice a week over clean skin of face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes. Gently remove with soft cotton and lukewarm water. “

Thoughts: Comes packaged in a white heavy glass jar with screw top cover. Lovely packaging not suitable for travelling.

When you first unscrew the cap, you will inhale a most delicious fragrance. Apparently it contains rosemary, rose and jasmine. The rosemary scent reminds one of food (or maybe its just me…). However, the black colored clay that greets your sight banishes all thought of tasting it…

The texture of the mask is dry which makes it a tad difficult to apply on the skin. Because it isn’t that spreadable, I do tend to end up with a thick layer on my skin. But because the mask is dry, it stays on your face so you can actually walk about with the mask on…although I wouldn’t suggest doing that at night wearing white/ivory/cream PJs…

While the mask is on your skin, inhaling all that lovely delicious fragrance, the mask doesn’t actually tighten on your skin at all. There is no feeling of tautness at all.

Besides the high price tag and the difficulty in obtaining this product. The removal of this mask is also a disadvantage. It is damn difficult to remove this mask. There is no way you can remove the mask with just warm water.

Firstly, I have to use cotton wool (a lot of them) that is saturated with water to wipe the face clean first. So there’s your black face, black cotton wool, black dribbles of water running down your fingers, hands and face. You might want to watch out for that lovely white/ivory/cream top. When you have remove most of the mud away, you will notice faint traces of it still on your skin. Splashing your face with lots of warm water next wouldnt really help. You might need your regular facial wash to help remove some of that black trace on your skin. Do not use this mask when you are short on time…I sometimes go through all those steps for cleaning off the mask only to realise my face towel is grey after I use it to dry my face.

But after all that chore, you get really soft and smooth skin that is glowing. If you happen to have red pimples on your skin, using this mask will reduce the redness. Blackheads are less apparent.

Verdict: A lovely scented mask that is very suitable for sensitive skin.


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