Clarins Body Shaping Supplement Review

CLARINS Body Shaping Supplement “contains Caffeine: well known for its action against fat and Plant extracts with exceptional contouring and draining properties: Baccharis, Hortonia, Uncaria Tomentosa from Peru, Geranium, Cangzhu, Guarana and Agrimony help to streamline, firm and smooth body contours.

Due to its specific formula, the Body Shaping Supplement can be mixed with all kinds of body products, textures, lotions, creams, oils, firming, anti-ageing, even fragranced body care. Six to eight drops of this body-shaping concentrate—mixed with your favourite hydrating, firming or anti-ageing formula—helps streamline curves and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Visibly smooths the look of sponginess by reducing and flushing out fatty deposits for a firmer, sleeker silhouette.”


Thoughts: This product comes packaged in a 25ml glass tube. Each box contains 2 glass tubes. The tube works like a dispenser where you press the flat end of the tube and the product is dispensed through the white nozzle in drops.There is a white screw cap for the nozzle too. I love the dispensation method! Keeps the product fresh and allows one to control the amount of product you want to use. Unfortunately the glass tube isn’t the best for traveling.

To use, place a dollop (about the size of a 20cent coin) of body moisturiser in the palm of one hand, add 6-8 drops of the Clarins Body Shaping Supplement, mix using the fingertips, then massage lightly over the body. When I first started using this product, I found mixing the products I needed each time for use  was a hassle. More so when I was rushing for time.

However, to avoid this problem and also the problem of traveling with glass tubes, I do this. Take note of the colour of the end mixture you get after you have mixed the clarins body shaping supplements with your desired moisturiser. Now either decant a smaller amount of your usual body moisturiser into another empty bottle or just use your regular body moisturier and add the clarins body shaping product into the bottle. Keep adding the clarins product to your body moisturiser and mixing together until you reach the desired colour of mixture that you usually create. Viola! You now no longer need to go through the hassle of preparing the mixture for each use and there’s no fragile glass tubes for traveling!

And the best bit about being able to control the amount of body product? You can increase the amount of clarins  product in your mixture to get faster effects!!!!!!!!!

I have had lots of problems finding a body moisturiser (especially a body shaping product) that does not make me break out in pimples. I have had no bad reactions with this product. Thus far, this product gives me the choice of adding a body shaping product to any body product that suits my skin!

Suggested use is to apply daily. With twice daily use, I notice a slimmer, firmer silhouette within 1 month of use of my mixture. If I stop using it, the effect lasts 2 weeks.

There’s just one problem with this product…and its a major problem…It seems like Clarins has discontinued this product!!!!!!! I cannot find this product at the Singapore Clarins counters at all for the past year. According to the Singapore Clarins staff, this product has been discontinued. Hong Kong and Japan does not have this either. I recently managed to find one box in Australia (after visiting 4 counters!) and the Australian clarins staff say the product has not been discontinued.

Verdict: Kiss-ass body shaping product that genuinely works! This product has holy grail status for me…unfortunately am having a lot of problems finding it.

If anyone has any information about this product’s availability, please contact me!


One thought on “Clarins Body Shaping Supplement Review

  1. I love Clarins’ body product as well. I had used their slimming gel before on my legs and it works. Now using their bust lifting gel and firming cream. Both work wonders. Loving Clarins’ product. I have tried Sasa in HK, they don’t carry this particular product but for Bonjour, they sometime has it. But they don’t sell it on-line.

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