Chanel Les Twin Sets de Chanel

CHANEL has created 3 sets of lipsticks and nailpolishes exclusively for Fashion Night Out 2012. The collection is called Les Twin-Sets de Chanel and is limited edition.


Chanel describes Provocation Le Vernis as “A deep, rich plum offers an elegant accent for a refined, resolutely stylish nail look.”
La Provocante is described as “The stylishly seductive shade of plum dresses the lips in rich, luminous color and a modern velvet matte finish.”


Delicatesse Le Vernis is described as“This elegant shade of beige offers a stroke of sophistication for nails in a long-wearing, high-shine lacquer”.
La Delicate is describes as “This sophisticated shade of beige offers a refined, natural accent for lips in a luminous velvet matte finish”


Infidele Le Vernis is describes as “An intense, energetic pink dresses the fingertips in brilliantly bold colour for an effortlessly feminine effect.”
L’Infidele is describes as ” Energetic pink adorns the lips in modern, intensely feminine colour and a luminous velvet matte finish.”

Perhaps its my eyes or my computer, but Delicatesse Le Vernis doesnt look beige to me. But it sure sounds like a winner for office wear! The lipsticks are from the Rouge Allure Velvet range. Which items have caught your fancy? You can pre-order the items at or check them out at the Chanel Beauty boutiques.



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