Diary of a Makeover Event: Chanel Paris Event

CHANEL sent me a parcel the other day. I opened the envelope and out came a series of postcards with gorgeous and very cute drawings on them.


The postcards contained an invitation to a Chanel event at the Chanel Beauty Boutique to discover the quintessential Parisian beauty secrets with a friend. Since I am a Chanel addict and crazy to know how to achieve that French Je du Noir (am pretty sure I spelt this wrongly!), I picked up the phone straight away!

Unfortunately, it was a bored sales assistant who picked up the phone and answer ‘You get to try the new lipsticks’ to my enquiry on what would be happening at the event. It was with much disbelief when I heard that…Did Chanel seriously created a bunch of cute postcards and sent it to customers just to invite them to the counters to try the new lipsticks? Perhaps that explained why prices were increasing all the time?

Fortunately, I received another call later in the week enquiring if I had received their invitation. Now this lady who sounded very bright and cherry on the phone explained in greater detail what the event entails…

The moment she uttered the words ‘there would be light refreshments’…I was sold! Well that and the words ‘complimentary makeover’. Sign me on…

Arriving at the venue, I thought for a second I was in the wrong place…There were more SA standing around than customers…but we were led straight to the makeup chairs once we were identified.

I had my hair pinned up and a ‘Chanel’ cover placed around my neck to protect my clothes. While the makeup artist asked my preference for style and colours, I was interrupted by a polite petite girl asking me what I would like to drink. She had in her hands a menu of the drinks available. I choose a Green Tea Latta by Nescafe.

Chanel was offering 3 kinds of ‘flash’ makeover.

  • Eyes,
  • Lips & Cheeks; and
  • Nails.

You get a choice of 2 out of 3 ‘flash’ makeovers offered.

After I had a light makeup session, which I personally consider to be more than just the ‘flash’ makeover. Even though I choose the eye ‘flash’ makeover, the SA quickly applied a powder foundation, blush and lips!

When I was done, they shifted me to the nails section.Curious about the box?




So cool right! I want one of these! unfortunately they aren’t for sale! 😦

The refreshments that had me right from the start…


See that empty orange stick? There was a mini cheese cake on it! I totally forgot to take photos before I ate! You can barely see it but on the right of the picture is supposed to be a caricature of me…There was this artist dressed with a black beret standing discretely at the corner and drawing caricatures of the customers. The background of the caricature is of the sights of ‘Paris’.

And guess what I left with? The door gifts…


Some would say this is crappy door gift but I honestly wasnt expecting anything because this was a complementary event! So I am very happy with a mini Rouge Allure in Pirate…


I simply love the Chanel post-it notes! Wish there were more since I love post-it notes too!


Oh! Totally forgot to talk about makeup! Honestly, the makeup artist chose the items I already had in my stash! Nope, my stash isn’t huge…well…okay maybe it is…but I am now more confident of my makeup choices considering a professional picked the same items!

On my nails, Rouge Noir …which I consider to be an iconic shade of Chanel.


Verdict: I had great fun at the event more so spending it with someone I loved (my guest). I liked that the event was complementary (with a door gift) but best of all was the attitude of the Chanel staff…there was NO hardsell attitude…there were happy to let us play around at the event with the items…sufficient to say… The next time Chanel calls, I shall not walk but RUN!


2 thoughts on “Diary of a Makeover Event: Chanel Paris Event

    1. Hi Ana,

      Yes! I had a lovely time at the event…the post-its are beautiful…too beautiful to use!

      Yes, I did see the new Rouge Allure shades…I think Asia has slightly different shades though…am in the process of testing out the Rouge Allures, so stay tune for reviews!

      Thanks for visiting!

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