Chanel Ombres Contraste Eyeshadow Duo Review

CHANEL introduced a range of duo eyeshadows sometime in 2010 (I think) called the Ombre Contraste Duos. This foolproof pairing of complementary shades — in two unique textures — is housed in one convenient compact. The softly shimmering light shade is a creamy powder, which can be worn alone for a luminous effect, or as a base to extend the wear of the accompanying deep-toned shadow. The dark shade has intense micronized pigments for true colour application, and a matte finish to create depth and contour. Two applicators are included: a foam-tip to apply the shadows and a brush to blend. Available in six essential shade harmonies designed to take the guesswork out of harmonizing and applying eyeshadow.*


Thoughts: When I first saw the promotion pictures for this range of eyeshadow, I was overjoyed. It was the most anticipated item from Chanel ever! Why? Because Chanel included a brush applicator!! In all my years of using Chanel products, I believe this is the first time Chanel included a brush applicator of their eyeshadows…a brush applicator! Imagine that!!

The product is packed in its usual black plastic compact with the iconic double white ‘c’s on the compact. The products is housed in a square-shaped compact which is slightly smaller than the compact that contains the 4 eyeshadows. Inside the compact, there’s a huge mirror and the duo eyeshadows are surrounded by one sponge applicator and one brush applicator. You have no idea how enamored I was by the inclusion of a brush applicator. For someone who likes to travel light, an included brush applicator is heaven-sent. I do not like sponge applicators as they do not stand the test of time even if you do not use them. As I am anal, I like the applicators to remain as they are. Even though Chanel says they sell replaceable sponge applicators (I havent seen them at all) because they are forever sold out. The brush is excellent! Soft and yet sturdy and applies the eyeshadow amazingly. The sponge applicator is meh…wish there were 2 brush applicators or at least Chanel should stock their counters with sponge applicators or give me an option to buy more of the brushes!

On to the actual product…there’s 2 shades (hehe) – one is a lighter shade that is shimmery and another shade that is matte. And there goes the problem…I dont really like matte eyeshadows…Its just…well…matte. But it does work fine for its purpose – to create depth and contour. Now the lighter shade…I am just loving it…there’s a very lovely shimmer effect here…it almost gives a ‘wet’ look on the eye…very pretty and very lovely shimmer…nothing to over the top. Texture is just to die for, the lighter shade feels very creamy and is a breeze applying. The matte shade well, I have problems applying it. doesnt apply as smoothly as the lighter shades…

Wear for this eyeshadow without base is roughly 3 hours. With a base it lasts about 5 hours. I suspect the creaminess of the lighter shade affects the weartime…

Verdict:While I love Chanel like mad, this range of eyeshadows didnt wow me. Would have like both shades to contain shimmer. However, if you do like this range of eyeshadows, please stock up. Chanel will be discontinuing this range of eyeshadow duos.



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