Faith: At Breaking Point

Sorry to disappoint but you might wish to skip this post if you are hoping for a makeup related post.

In case you are wondering why I have been posting infrequently lately, it’s because I have been engrossed in two other worlds…one called Arang and the Magistrate (Arang) and another called Faith: The Great Doctor (Faith).

Arang finished its run last week and Faith has just 2 more episodes to go…however, after Tuesday’s episode, I just needed somewhere to vent (hopefully I don’t alienate my current readers further! 🙂 ).

Before I start, huge thanks to Joonni and Softy for their very fast recaps on Scattered Joonni and if you don’t want spoilers to Faith, please stop reading…


What’s Faith about? It’s a Korean TV sageuk (aka period) romance / time-travel drama between a Woodalchi warrior called Choi Yong (CY), played by Lee Min Ho, from the ancient times (Goryeo dynasty) and a female doctor called Yoo Eunsoo (ES), played by Kim Hee Sun, from the modern times (Seoul 2012) as well as the process of making a true king – King Gongmin of Goryeo (GM).

The Romance: Ever watched season 1’s 2 Days 1 Night variety show? Season 1 was helmed by NA PD, affectionately known as evil genius extraordinaire on dramabeans because he is great at torturing people… writer Song from Faith is probably related to him…

If you watch enough Kdramas, you can identify the tell-tale signs that indicate who are the OTP of the drama. We saw early on in episode 1/2 that CY demanded ES remain by his side because that’s the only way he can protect her. But writer Song strings us along and makes us wait till 16 episodes later (Episode 17) where there’s a hug scene…it’s a major scene because ES finally breaks our stoic dae-jang who ‘backs her into a wall and grabs her forcefully into a hug’…cue *swooning*


I forgave writer Song at the end of Episode 17. It was a wedding scene where ES was forced to marry Prince Deok-Heung (Baddie #2) and our resident hunk arrives to stop the royal wedding in a most effective way…via a KISS!!! Man, you have no idea how I felt when stud-muffin was leaning in for that KISS SCENE…


I am pretty sure the kiss was amazing, watching on screen, my heart was flip-flopping when stud-muffin swops in for the kill…I mean lips…unfortunatedly, we get a nice view of stud-muffin’s SHOULDERS in a KISS SCENE???? See what I mean about how amazing the kiss was? Even Mr Director was too engrossed on what was going on in front of him that he totally forgot to keep an eye on the video screen!!!

Meanwhile,  love blossoms further between our OTP and accumulates in the last 5 minutes of Episode 20. ES appeared in a Woodalchi (warrior) uniform in the dae-jang’s (General) room where she tells our resident hunk she’s staying so he can protect her… Honestly, the only thing I could think of in that scene was “stud-muffin wouldn’t have a problem removing her armour because he’s used to removing his own.” Then stud-muffin does what he’s so great at…that hot sexy prowl where he backs ES into the wall and leans in smiling


I screamed out loud because our dear Writer Song ends it at that moment…see what I mean? Evil…

For more examples of writer song’s evilness, please see exhibit – Episode 21. We get another scene where our resident hunk makes his move and leans in for a kiss, only for Choong-suk (Woodalchi Assistant –General) to interrupt and me to conclude that it was right to call CY stud-muffin / resident hunk…who knew a hard swallow could be that sexy?


Ahhh…what about that scene where stud-muffin divests ES of her armour? I was right. He did knew how to remove the armour…fast!


Writer Song damn well knew we (collectively the sisterhood at Joonni’s) wanted a bed scene. Cue bed scene after stud-muffin removes the armour and proceeds to tuck ES into bed…alone!!!! Writer Song redeems herself a teeny bit with another bedscene with wrist-grabbing by our resident hunk which makes ES sleep next to him on that cramp bed…wait for this…just holding hands…


And just to drive that knife writer Song stabbed into me deeper, she gives us another bed scene in episode 22 where stud-muffin and ES sits on the bed…discussing errmm…stud-muffin’s sword!!! And they just had to filmed it like in “Ghost” where stud-muffin has his arms around her…’holding’ his sword…


Time-Travel: On to the time-travelling aspect which threw all of us (the sisterhood at Joonni’s) into confusion. There’s even a thread at Joonni’s specifically related to the time-travel theories (here). My 2 comments:

‘The time travelling aspect is really making me confused! Imagine her time travelling again and again just to ensure CY survives to a ripe old age as in history …but that would mean either history was messed up previously and es is correcting it by her time travel and leaving notes for herself or es is actually the driving force in ensuring history is accurate (just like Rouxi in Bu Bu Jin Xin).’

‘The Hwata Legend: Hwata arrived 1000 years ago and every 300 years a disciple would arrive. From the screenshots of her diary: there’s 4 crosses… Could the 4 crosses be the period when she time-travels and arrives in Goryeo trying to save CY’s life?’

After 22 episodes, I guess I can say it’s a combination of both. ES is indirectly shaping CY into the great general he is in history by all her time travel. Thus far, there are 2 instances that indicate that ES saves CY’s life and 1 saving Princess Ngok (GM’s Queen). Will there be a 4th occasion to correspond with the number of crosses?

Throughout the show, there’s been hints relating to a diary and Hwata’s 3rd item which were given to Gi-cheol (Baddie #1) by his master. This mystery master who had ES’s items in his possession and gave it to Baddie #1 has stayed hidden for 22 episodes…

I suggested Hwata’s 3rd item might be a Samsung tablet…most likely the Galaxy Note 10.1 (Hey! This is a Korean drama after all!) or that it’s a picture frame containing a picture that I am hoping shows stud-muffin with ES in Modern Seoul. In the scenes that show this 3rd item, it looks like there’s a slight concave on part of the surface just like a picture frame (or a tablet!). However, I think a picture is relatively easy to describe considering Baddie #1 said it was difficult to describe.

Writer Song decides to mess with our heads further (see? evil!) by introducing more clues (ha!) late in the drama. There’s the Yuan envoy (Baddie #3) who knows how to write ES’s name in hangul (created in Joseon dynasty which came after Goryeo), knows about Goguryeo (dynasty/country before Goryeo) and carries a pocket watch!!!! By the way, Baddie #3 has been instructed by his great-great-grand ancestor if a woman appears claiming she is from ‘heaven’ (ie ES), she needs to die. I think if your great-great-grand ancestor left that message, there’s probably more stuff that Baddie #3 is not disclosing… by the way, he’s named Son Yoo…and Eun Soo’s surname is Yoo???

Is stud-muffin leaving with ES or remaining in Goryeo?
Leaving: You can see how weary stud-muffin is with all the killing in episode 22 and he’s suddenly developed a condition with his hands. GM has also started to indicate that he no longer wants to hide behind CY, he is stepping out of CY’s shadow so to speak…

Staying: History says Choi Young becomes a great general of Goryeo and dies at age 72, so that means he stays? If you notice, in the past episodes, Young only talks about bringing ES back to the portal for her to leave Goryeo or for her to stay in Goryeo with him. When our love birds elope, ES noticed him looking back in the direction of the palace, concerned with GM…. He hasn’t said that he will leave (Goryeo) with her.

How about the lovebirds time-hopping?: ES says the portal opens in 1 months time or 67 years time. If Young leaves Goryeo in 67 years time, he is going to be 96 years old. Thus far, we know when the portal opens for ES to return to modern day Seoul, but there has been no specific mention of when ES returns to Goryeo… Is it possible both leave in 1 month’s time and CY returns 43 years later to die at age 72? After all, it is said in history that CY left to be a Mayor involved in increasing crop production for a while.

To hell with History: Does anyone remember the kdrama Queen Seon Deok? They messed with her love life in that drama. So I say to hell with history!! This is a sageuk with fantasy elements (although writer song seems to have forgotten about that), we really should get our fantasy ending!!!

And…is writer Song dropping hints? Historically, Prince Deok-heung doesn’t play much importance (even ES remarks about this), Advisor Jo rebelled and CY was 36 years old when he put down Jo’s rebellion. But in Faith, Prince Deok-Heung is the evil master-mind behind Jo’s rebellion and CY cannot possibility be 36 *sighhh*. Historically, Princes Ngok gets pregnant after 16 years of marriage but in Faith she suffers a miscarriage early (even ES remarks that it’s too soon for her to be pregnant). Is it possible that writer Song is fiddling with history or has ES’s existence changed history after all???

Seriously…writer Song, you entice me with the time-travel mystery…You got me all hot and bothered with the romance. Then you heightened the tension by stringing me along with bed scenes that had no action..only to make our OTP quarrel when there’s just 2 episodes left???? I have reached my breaking point. Please just let stud-muffin and the great doctor end up together and on their way to that ending may we please have more hugs and kisses???

p.s: If your interest has been caught, you have till Monday to catch up on 22 Episodes. Next week is the final 2 episodes and I shall be at the Live Recaps at Scattered Joonni’s.


2 thoughts on “Faith: At Breaking Point

  1. Hi, Nutty, I love make up too! But right I’m too obsessed with Faith to care how I look like…LOL! I hope our OTP has a good ending together. I think you were the one saying on Joonni’s blog that the final Hwata’s relic was a tablet! LOL! I think that would be really funny, but what do you think ES could use that for? I was thinking it’d be an item to open/close solar flares or help ES crack the time traveling paradox but that’s a far stretch. I think our OTP were already intimate…why else would Young claim ES as his “woman”? *Swoon* My imagination is running wild after the wrist grab in daejang’s room.

    1. Hi Pam,

      Good to know you like makeup too! Perhaps its because we can ‘admire’ CY behind our screens without bothering about how we look etc so there’s less pressure which makes us fall for him all the more!

      Yes! I lay claim to the tablet comment! 🙂

      The only think I can think of about the tablet is it provides information on ES’s poison (but I suggest you do some googling on ‘tick poison’) or its containing pictures which show us that our OTP is living well (whether together or apart or whether in modern day Seoul) …either way I think perhaps that item will impact on whether either ES or CY stays or leaves and might very well help to elevate the viewer’s heartache at the end…

      Haha…my heart stopped when he said the ‘my woman’ part…ermm…my imagination started running wild since the kiss!!! (as you can tell from this post about the bed scenes too…

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