Lee Min Ho of Faith is the best choice for a husband.

Another non makeup post…

I came across this article – Is Lee Min Ho of Faith the worst choice for a husband? (here) in my search for updates for next week’s final episodes on Faith: The Great Doctor.

Here’s why I think Choi Young (Lee Min Ho’s character) is the best choice for a husband…

#1 He is really, really handsome: Am so glad that even when he turns 70 years old, he will be a handsome old man!! Honestly, would you rather be with someone who looks like this? Imagine how he looks when he turns 70!


#2 He is honest and ‘views gold as stones’: Since he is honest, he will always be truthful to you. You can rest assured he will never in a million years choose someone else who has more money just so he can have a hospital and no pots in the house means less housework!

#3 He knows women very well: He knows how hot and bothered women get when he does his hot sexy prowl and backs us against the wall.


He makes extremely effective declarations of love. Best of all, he sure knows how to kiss…


#4 His explosive temper is how he shows concern for you. Notice how he only ever yells when he’s upset and concern with your well-being … besides if he ends his yelling with a hug, he can yell all he wants!!


#5 He is loyal to the King and spends his whole day protecting him:  But you know you always come first for him! And he truly only has eyes for you.


Feel free to share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho of Faith is the best choice for a husband.

  1. Hi, Nutty, it’s Pam here from Joonni’s blog. I didn’t know you had a blog on wordpress as well.

    I agree, Young would make a great husband; he would even bring down a feminist like me. I’d be like “yes, master…I mean, daejang” and bat my lashes at him. *Swoons* Young is definitely a man’s man.

    What are we going to do now that Faith is wrapping up? This show totally owned me.

    1. Hey Pam!

      Yes I do have a blog on wordpress too… Just needed a place to escape from my real world…but as you can tell, its nothing like Joonni’s! 🙂

      Sighhh….CY really is the best isnt he??

      Trying not to think about Faith ending, although I have high hopes it will end well…but besides missing CY & co, I will miss everyone gathering at Joonni’s! I think the fevor that everyone brought is what makes Faith different from other kdramas.

      Best pill for the heartache, rewatch Faith & the making of Faith!

      Aja! Aja! Fighting!!!

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