Diary of a Makeover Event: Guerlain Liu 2012 Christmas Collection

My dear friend knew I was still moping over Faith and invited me out for lunch last Saturday. However, it wasnt an invitation to lunch but an invitation to the launch of Guerlain’s 2012 Christmas Collection titled Liu.

As part of the launch of Guerlain’s 2012 Christmas collection, the event included a demonstration of the products, a makeover by their makeup artist (mua), a door gift for those who RSVP for the event and if you purchase any of the christmas collection, a flash manicure using the christmas collection nailpolishes.

Sufficient to say, the event was a comedy of errors that afternoon!

Since we arrived a tad early, we went ahead to view the Liu collection…however, we could not play with the items in peace let alone take photos because the sales assistant (SA) had attached herself to our side…everywhere we turned, she was there…

15 minutes past the time the event was supposed to start and the mua hadn’t arrive…I heard one sa explaining to another customer that the mua had left something in her car and needed to return to get said item and another explaining to another customer that the mua was stuck in traffic…

Roughly 15 minutes past before the mua arrived. By this time, we ware slightly miffed. Miffed turned to slightly pissed off when we realised that while everyone was waiting for the mua, no one had bothered to set up the chair for the model nor arrange for the makeup items for the mua to use!!!! So when the mua finally arrived, we waited…again

Just when you thought all was good to go, I mean what else could possibly go wrong right? The model was seated, the mua was finally present and the makeup items were all finally displayed. Everything came to a screeching halt because…wait for this… the microphone died! It appears that someone had forgotten to charge the damn thing! So the portable speakers get hauled off to the Guerlain beauty counter at one corner of the departmental shop floor to be plugged in and then the beauty trainer started her speech…

The beauty trainer would speak about the Liu collection, while the mua worked on the model with the products. Other SA would then take the items and venture into the crowd for us to play or test the items…those sa would answer questions as well.

Kudos to the staff for trying to ‘rescue’ the situation with giving out little goodie bags with pop quizzes peppered throughout the event…but, my feeling was, those goodie bags would have been given out regardless whether the event did or did not start out on time! The goodie bag continued a sample of their new fragrance, a sample sachet of the Parue de Lumiere foundation and a sample sachet of Abeille Royale serum.

For an established brand whose name evokes luxury and decadence, the event was held in the middle of the shop floor (near the escalators). It was a Saturday afternoon, during lunch hour…you need only imagine the invitees all standing in the crowded floor area, trying to catch a glimpse of the demonstration. By this time, we were no longer enjoying the demonstration…heck, I wasnt even paying attention to the demonstration! At that stage, we just wanted it to be over with so we could pick up our door gift and items and leave…both of us were hungry!

Even though the event started late, it ended on time!! The door gift was a bottle of whitening lotion from the whitening range – Blance de Pearl which was unceremoniously handed to us. We picked the items we wanted from the collection and left for lunch! The sa did tell us to come back after lunch for the flash manicure which we did. It took about 10-15 minutes for the manicure to be done.


Verdict: Not what I would expect from an established brand…


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