2012 Holiday: Guerlain Liu Collection Review

GUERLAIN’s 2012 holiday collection was inspired by Puccini’s Turandot, epitomizing the seductive mystery of secret love. Golden mists, tapered cat eyes and sensuous red lips beautifully enhanced by the opulence of the Orient turn every woman into a heroine.*



‘Liu Holiday Collection’ Perfumed Shimmer Powder Face & Body: I was determined to purchase this the instance I saw the promotional pictures! How gorgeous would this look on the vanity table!  When i actually saw it in real life, I was so disappointed! The spritz of gold shimmer was gorgeous on the skin and hair! unfortunately, the perfumed scent was sadly lacking in the staying power. Upon spritz, you smell a burst of delicious scent that can be described as smokey. Then it disappears in like 1 minute! I tried spritzing twice to see if the scent would last but no…the scent didn’t last but I did end up more sparkly!


‘Du Dragon’ Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder:Météorites Perles du Dragon is named for the Year of the Dragon & pays tribute to this mythical animal, a symbol of the emperor of China, whose primary source of power lay in a pearl, synonymous with happiness, wisdom & abundance. The harmony of 6 shades of pearls in an intense, iridescent monochrome palette is perfectly tailored to the holiday season. Like nighttime jewels, they cloak the face in incredible radiance: pale pink & beige even out the complexion, white & gold illuminate, while plum & rosewood brighten areas of shadow & erase fatigue as the night goes on. Its famous metal case, also embossed in black, is stamped with a golden rosette on its lid & bears the Guerlain signature.* The black metal tin felt substantial & honestly, I can’t win when I see these balls pearls…I always get compliments when I wear météorites.


‘Météorites Wulong’ Exceptional Refillable Pressed Powder: The name of this travel pressed powder means “Black Dragon,” and it combines six shades to ensure a pure, flawless and luminous complexion regardless of skin tone. Matte shades are paired with two white and gold illuminating shades that add subtle radiance. The delicate black metal powder compact is sculpted with a gold mother-of-pearl rosette and tucked inside a black suedette pouch bordered with red stitching.* The famous pearls in a compact version. With the same soft-glow focus effect as the pearls but more wearable for day since it is matte.


Les Ombres Turandot Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette I passed on this palette cos the colours were too warm on my fair cool skin. Palette contains a gold (shimmer), a reddish-brown (satin), a brown (satin) and a plum (matte).


Altoum and Louling Rouge Automatique Lip Color: Altoum: A gold adorned with beautiful tone-on-tone sparkle that is worn on bare lips to illuminate them with a sophisticated nude veil, as a top coat over another shade to add a precious glow or dabbed on the center of the mouth for daring plump lips. Lou Ling: An enchanting plum set off with a golden sparkle for a dramatic effect.* I passed on Altoum. Lou Ling is a gorgeous berry lips that gives that perfect bitten lips effect with silver shimmer.

Altoum and Louling Nail Lacquer : Altoum nail polish is a golden base with shimmer. Louling nail polish is a blacken plum with creme finish. Guerlain’s nail polish lasts about 2 days on my fingers.  Shadewise, it is quite similar to Chanel’s Noir #18 or Vamp but with a plum toned. It is a gorgeous shade but I think I much prefer Chanel’s berry nail polish that has a bit of shimmer.


Liu Calligraphy Palette: A collector’s palette draws inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. With two dramatic shades for the lips combined with three iridescent eyeshadows, the ingeniously designed palette provides all makeup essentials in one place A matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry to create an unforgettable gaze. The extra-flat black Chinese lacquer-style case features a large panoramic mirror. Two brushes deliver high-precision application just like calligraphy instruments. The first has a double foam tip for the eyes, one rounded for eyeshadow and the other pointed for liner. The second is a lip brush with silky bristles.* This palette is truely beautiful! I was worried about the 2 red lipstick colours (a warm red with orange tint and a rose red) but the rose red turns out to be wearable. If the colours are too strong, you can go lightly on application and sheer it out with a gloss. The eyeshadows are shimmery ivory, gold and taupe with a matte black (which can be used wet or dry). I love, love the taupe. The eyeshadows would work well for day (just the ivory and taupe) and you can either smoke it out with the black at night or go for the classic golden eyes and black liner paired with a red lip. Quite a versatile palette for day and night especially with the 2 lipcolours!

Overall thoughts: I have always looked forward to Guerlains christmas collections especially their limited edition Météorites pearls. Love the berry lipstick! The Liu calligraphy palette is definitely something to check out. Pity about the Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder Face & Body – why called it perfumed when the perfume barely last?

source*:neimanmarcus.com, nordstrom.com


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