2012 Wrap Up: Back to Basics

Hello and welcome to the last post of 2012!

This post is dubbed ‘Back to Basics’ because of my post on my New Year’s Resolution for 2012.

I wrote at the beginning of the year that I intend to return to the basics. It meant I would concentrate on the reason I started this blog – To keep an account of the items that work for me. I was going to concentrate on product reviews and spend less time chasing after the latest new item or latest limited edition item. In addition to returning to basics, I was going to start taking better care of my skin. Therefore for 2012, the intention was to focus on skincare product reviews.

My focus on skincare products lead to mainly new skincare brand discoveries this year. I discovered the Taiwanese skincare brand called Nuroko and the Japanese skincare brand called Astalift. Astalift skincare is listed on my Best List of 2012.

As much as I wanted to focus on reviews, due partly to additional work commitments and more travelling. I was not as productive as 2011 and published only 68 new posts in 2012. However, because of more travelling, I started a new category called Travel Beauty where I wrote about the items I carried in my makeup pouch when I travel and my shopping hauls overseas. You can view the posts at Travel Beauty.

Besides the new category on Travel Beauty, I published more fashion posts on Kate Middleton. To celebrate Prince William and Kate’s first anniversary, I did a series of posts on her fashion stakes called Kate’s Fashion Moments: One Year Later. You can find all the posts on that series at the main page here. IN addition, I also covered her fashion when she and William embarked on their Asian Pacific 2012 Tour. You can find the posts under the main page here. The busiest day for this blog was on September 17 2012 when I published The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge South East Asia 2012 Tour: Day 6 – Solomon Islands.

The top five posts for 2012 were: Online shopping – suqqu; Favourite 2009 Oscars Hair and Makeup; Chanel Rouge Allure Laque – Updates; Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Looks and Swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Collection.

Thank you for accompanying me on my beauty journey in 2012. Here’s looking forward to 2013!


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