2013 New Year’s Resolutions

A new year beckons, one answers with resolutions.
31 days it took, fresh from life’ experiences…

Here’s my 2013 New Year’s resolutions…

Be more assertive : As it’s nearing Chinese New Year, new clothes were in order per the customs. Onwards I went only to hit smack into a wall of rudeness…One of my resolutions this year is to be more assertive. I will no longer tolerate rude and snide remarks…I shall be assertive and demand too see a supervisor if I am told that the store doesnt serve people like me or they never had to order in “L” size before…

Be more stringent with my choices : Last year I made the decision to return to basics and focus on my skincare. It was a huge success and I discovered that I wasnt buying that much makeup as before and I realised I was much happier at not chasing after the newest / latest / limited edition item. So this resolution is a result of last year… I shall be more stringent with my choices. If it’s another pink blush with multi microgliter but looks pink on my skin like the other 30 (just kidding) blushes, I am going to pass on it. My money shall stay inside my wallet unless the product makes my heart sing!

To open my eyes wider: Last year’s resolutions made me realise that the was other interesting things to discover. This year I shall open my eyes wider to discover more, beyond the world of makeup.

Naturally, the usual stay healthy, eat less, exercise more resolutions remain…

Cheers everyone… here’ s looking to a great 2013!
♥ nutty


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