Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Review

The latest incarnation of Chanel’s famous Rouge Allures….Rouge Allure Intense Lip colour is described as “One lip color. One style. A woman’s allure is defined. With its line of fresh and luminous shades that are more intense than ever, ROUGE ALLURE offers a radiant and satiny makeup result with optimal hold, in an ultra-smooth, meltaway texture. Nestled in its sleek black case, ROUGE ALLURE unleashes the full intensity of its colour with one simple click and its ultra-femininity in a single sweep.”


Thoughts: Packaging wise – it is similar to the regular Rouge Allure that first wow us with the clicking mechanism.

Application wise, the lipstick glides on pretty well to your lips when applying straight from the bullet. On your lips, this lipstick feels lightweight on your lips…almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. There’s just one problem…ermm…er…well, the Rouge Allure feels drying on my lips… But strangely, even though my lips feel like moisture is being sucked out of my lips when I have this lipstick on, at the end of the day, my lips do not peel or crack or flaked! Amazing isn’t it? I cannot explain this… I really do not understand why my lips feel dry with this lipstick on but my lips dont dry out. I have tried wearing this lipstick continuously…no cracked lips! Usually when I reapply my lipstick, by the end of the day, it needs tender loving care…but my lips are fine with this!

You get a very natural look from this lipstick. It doesn’t make sense especially since the colours are supposed to be more saturated. Perhaps its the thin layer of lipstick that contains optimum pigment? There isn’t any noticeable shimmer or glitter but there’s a slight satin finish to this lipstick.

Verdict: The moisturising properties of this is suber. However, I honestly do not like the feel on this on my lips.



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