2013 Spring: Suqqu Vintage Pearl Collection

SUQQU released a collection called Vintage Pearl in celebration of their 10th anniversary for Spring 2013. Suqqu describes the collection as:” Pearls have been alluring women for centuries, bringing out women’s beauty and illuminating them in an elegant manner. Vintage Pearls are at their most sophisticated form releasing such silky and warm shine. Suqqu have channeled the inspiration of Vintage Pearls to create this limited edition collection. The shades are luminously delicate and iridescent and intensity with the more layers applied.”

The limited edition products include:

  • Blend Eyeshadow (Review)
  • Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist
  • Face Colour Palette EX 02
  • Nail Colour R
    • EX 01 Ruridama and
    • EX 02 Sakuradama
  • Eyeliner creamy EX 02 Navy

You might wish to read the rest of the post for a sneak preview of the palettes.

 photo e8e54b30-2f53-4d09-9aa3-7eb8a9a45d71_zpsdbc28fa0.jpg

In their white compacts

 photo 798007eb-78a6-4d5c-98e7-cafce5a1ad68_zps27c0d4c0.jpg

Side profile of Ex-11, Ex-12, Ex-13 (closest to the screen)

 photo 320ac982-5bfe-48b4-a145-753bb6df6065_zps3e7a938a.jpg

Side Profile of Ex-11, Ex-12, Ex-13 (furthest from the screen)

 photo d94a9446-10aa-4473-8077-fb92e1acaf9c_zps6d9bccb2.jpg

In their full glory,  Ex-11, Ex-12, Ex-13.

Stay tune for their individual posts!


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