Swatch Gallery: Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow EX 12 Hisuidama

SUQQU released a collection called Vintage Pearl in celebration of their 10th anniversary for Spring 2013. The limited edition products include:

  • Blend Eyeshadow
    • Ex 11 Sumiredama;
    • Ex 12 Hisuidama and
    • Ex 13 Ginsudama
  • Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist
    • EX 08 Sangodama;
    • EX 09 Kohakudama and
    • EX 10 Tsubomidama
  • Face Colour Palette EX 02
  • Nail Colour R
    • EX 01 Ruridama and
    • EX 02 Sakuradama
  • Eyeliner creamy EX 02 Navy

This post contains swatches of Suqqu’s Blend Eyeshadow in EX 12 Hisuidama

Suqqu reverted back to their white packaging…I never noticed this but the compact’s matte white. The usual black pouch is included.

 photo c2c64677-e731-4243-ba6e-1c86c907e22c_zpsbc31b043.jpg

4 gorgeous shades (left to right):

top row – green (yellow undertones), pale milky pink,

bottom row – white, dark olive brown,

 photo a96f1774-2c6d-4443-b3f2-351e915056fb_zpsb62af4f0.jpg

Picture of the 3 shimmery shades and the satin shade (pale cream pink) …

 photo db2a5a0e-9637-4f22-84d2-a34986152eee_zpsc13c4bc6.jpg

check out the gorgeous shimmer…

 photo 5b185f90-de1b-4071-9369-52c70ef4f259_zpscecae403.jpg

Close up of the olive brown

 photo 9f5f869c-3e89-4a9d-b65c-4b07dd72500d_zpse5b776b7.jpg

Close up of the green

Swatches of the palette…The unedited version…just so you can see the shades better…ignore my ugly hand…

 photo cf2d13b0-aa84-406a-bff9-ad0beff3d88b_zpsb2aebef5.jpg

Olive Brown, white, green (with the yellow undertones), the pale cream pink (where you cannot dedect any pinkness)
 photo e0ab4f95-d8aa-4a36-b011-5945b43fafbb_zps672c60f4.jpg

Swatches of the rest of the Suqqu Blend Eyeshadows are available here

Pop back to 2013 Spring: Suqqu Vintage Pearl Collection for the rest of the articles on the collection.


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