Swatch Gallery: 2013 Spring Suqqu Vintage Pearl Collection Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist

SUQQU’s 2013 Vintage Pearl collection added 3 limited edition new shades to the acclaimed Creamy Glow LIpstick Moist line. Suqqu describes the Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist  as “the feel of lip balm with the luxurious colour of lipstick. This rich, creamy lipstick glides on smoothly and blends easily onto the lips to moisturise whilst giving a brilliant shade and natural lustre to create elegant, juicy lips.”

The Vintage Pearl collection has  3 available shades:

  • EX-08 Sangodama,
  • EX-09 Kohakudama and
  • EX-10 Tsubomidama

 photo 20130409_231534_zpsa1918a62.jpg

The lipstick is stored in a white matte packaging for this collection.

 photo 6a8c5ad4-c2f6-4212-8ffa-09012f37f334_zps73a53370.jpg
Swatches under lights, EX-10 and EX-08

EX-08: A peachy shade that looks very natural and gives my lips a very juicy look.
EX-10: A pretty natural rose shade.

Verdict: EX-08 made me hesitate but once I tried it on, I regretted not getting a backup. Buy!

Pop back to 2013 Spring: Suqqu Vintage Pearl Collection for the rest of the articles on the collection.


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