The Duchess’s Wardrobe: A Review – French Soles Ballerinas

 photo ballet-flats_zps15e7378e.jpg

The Duchess of Cambridge has been pictured wearing French Sole ballerina flats on her off-duty occasions.

 photo article-1383965-0BEBA4FA00000578-483_634x929_zps198d9338.jpg

Apparently the Duchess’s favourite style is the Henrietta. See dailymail article.She is supposedly wearing a brown croc printed design in the Henrietta style in the above picture. The next picture shows the same style she is wearing but in pink.

 photo HE560_Z_3_zps4f020485.jpg

French Sole describes Henrietta (pictured above) as follows:“Suits a narrow to medium width fitting, has an elegant low vamp, revealing a little toe cleavage, and has a quarter inch heel. It is generous in length and is a well-balanced elegant ballet flat wardrobe essential. Available up to size 42 and 44 on classic styles.”

unfortunately I have not been able to get a size 42 in the Henrietta style because it’s always sold out. Instead I have several pairs of the Sturdy and Square Toe.

French sole describes the Study as “The Sturdy is perfect for normal wear, suiting a medium width fitting, with a half inch heel, this is a well-balanced, durable and structured shoe. There is a little extra adjustment available on the bow.” and the Square Toe as “Ideal for the broader foot, this style, with its extra height, offers a well structured, durable shoe. It also offers a little adjustment on the bow, for an extra snug fit. Suits a broader foot with a generous vamp and can accommodate small bunions. With a three quarter inch heel height.”

 photo ST10_Z_3_zps8108d4ca.jpg

Thoughts: If you have wide feet, the Square Toe style (pictured above) is the most comfortable style. My little toe seems a bit long for the Sturdy style. Very often my little toe seems to dig into the front of the shoe (the sturdy style), creating a hole after continued used.

While the Square Toe style is perfect for wide feet and the slight heel makes it sufficiently formal for office wear,   the designs and colours produced for the Square Toe style are unfortunately extremely limited. The other styles such as the Henrietta comes in really cute patterns and fashion forward colours! All I can do is lust over them (in particular their sequin designs that are produced for Christmas)!

The soles of these ballerinas are also quite thin, so they are not really meant for heavy duty walking. I used to wear out a pair within 3 months if I were to wear them everyday walking about London. I have now wised up and added an additional rubber sole at the bottom of the flats and changed the leather insoles (inside the shoes) periodically and limit the usage of the flats to weekends which has extended the life of a pair to a year. However, the prices of these shoes have increased and the limited designs and colours for the square toe style have made me look elsewhere for my ballerina fix…

Verdict: Gorgeous pricy ballerina flats.

French sole are available online with international shipping at French Sole, Nordstrom and Asos.

To read the rest of the reviews on the Duchess’s wardrobe, click here.



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