Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Ombre Effect Review and Swatches

CHANEL Stylo Eyeshadow Ombre Effect is a “A smooth-gliding pen applicator delivers a new lightweight, long-wear shadow that highlights eyes with gleaming colour. A cooling, water-infused formula creates a shimmering veil on lids—or precisely lines the eyes with perfect definition. An exclusive creation from the L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL Collection”

 photo S186907_XLARGE_zps5c02db99.jpg

Stylo Eyeshadow Ombre Effect Available in:

  • #07 Moon River
  • #17 Cool Gold,
  • #27 pink Lagon,
  • #37 Jade Shore,
  • #47 Blue Bay,
  • #57 Black Stream

Thoughts: The colours are very rich and shimmery when I tested them on the back of my hands. In particular, the green and blue shades were extremely gorgeous!!!! My heart was fluttering just like those damn butterflies…

The application is quick and easy. You just apply the product directly from the pen onto the lids…one swip across the eye lids. You can layer more than one colour. The SA used both the green and blue on her lids, creating a very gorgeous dreamy look…

On application, there was a cooling feeling on the eyelids. There was indeed a shimmering vield of colour on the lids. The shimmer seemed more intensifed and different from the shimmer you get in Chanel’s eyeshadow pots. However, the eyeshadow lasted only 2 hours on my eyelids…

Verdict: gorgeous shimmery shades.

 photo cb991a90-c51a-45bb-a7f2-21a4abde4e43_zpsa9c5e7d9.jpg

Stylo Eyeshadow  #37 Jade Shore, #47 Blue Bay, #17 Cool Gold, #57 Black Stream, #07 Moon River, #27 pink Lagon.

 photo 9cd6f67e-13f9-48c9-a061-65b41c3787fd_zpsba7604e7.jpg

This picture displays the pink shade the best.

 photo 239dcb7d-c982-4666-b843-5a932c6b7753_zps8a02e28d.jpg

This picture displays the wonderful shimmer.


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