Marc Jacobs Beauty

MARC JACOBS will be launching his beauty line on August 9 2013 in Sephora.

The line includes four categories: Smart Complexion (foundations, concealer, powder), Blacquer (eyeliner, lash lifter, gel crayon), Hi-Per Color (lipsticks, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, nail polish), and Boy Tested, Girl Approved (unisex options of lip balm, brow gel, and concealer).

 photo article-2343976-1A5361E5000005DC-30_634x482_zps1a7b3ab9.jpg

 photo article-2343976-1A5361D5000005DC-194_306x455_zps29ccee22.jpg

 photo article-2343976-1A53619D000005DC-200_634x431_zps4a3bb057.jpg
Lip gloss, pencils, eyeshadows in palette

 photo article-2343976-1A5361B5000005DC-219_634x421_zps7f2f1a9f.jpg

To read more about the beauty line, click here and here.



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