The Duchess’s Wardrobe: A Review – Links of London Hope Egg Earrings

Links of London‘s Hope egg earrings are probably one of the most recognisable accessory the Duchess of Cambridge has. She’s worn it for her engagement portrait and numerous times after that.

 photo hopeearrings_zps98219b9d.jpg

Links of london describes “The hope egg earrings as a very attractive and important symbol in Russian culture, traditionally given for birthdays, festivals, etc. This egg represents hope and new life and is decorated with white topaz and with white rhodolite.”

 photo 1b9557de-ad99-4228-9f31-02047650894c_zpsebc64fde.jpg

Thoughts: The earrings were packaged in a lovely cardboard packaging in an oval shape wrapped with a black ribbon. The cardboard is quite sturdy but huge for a pair of tiny earrings!

 photo 915e3592-bb90-49de-a200-03ca79288c74_zps7bf24203.jpg

The above picture was taken under lights. I expected the earrings to be sparkly especially since the stones are paved sett. However, mine seem pretty muted even under lights! At times, I felt some of the stones seem black! The sparkle seems to come mainly from the silver. At £275.00 (exclusive of shipping costs) for a pair of earrings made of silver, I find the price pretty steep.

 photo q_zps405a3735.jpg

If you take a closer look at the earrings (see above, right side), you will notice that the hoop holding the egg shaped drop is rounded and short. I was totally mesmerized with the sparkly pictures of the front view of the earrings that I forgot to take the hoops into account. If you have very fleshy ear lobes, this earring isn’t going to sit nicely on your ear because there isn’t sufficient space for your ear lobes to fit into that space. In addition, if your ear-hole is pierced quite high up, then its too short for the earrings to sit nicely on your ear. Instead, the hoop part of the earring will jut out, making the earrings look weird. And  that just makes the drop part of the earrings dangle in a weird position.

This would look lovely for weekends or slightly formal occasions. But depending on your work environment, your superiors might find it too excessive…I was reminded of our dress code “Discrete jewellery can be worn.”

Verdict: Disappointed!

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