YSL Gommage Action Biologique Sans Grains Review

 photo gommage_action_biologique_zpscdb7ca90.jpg

YVES SAINT LAURENT describes their Gommage Action Biologique sans grain as “Free from abrasive particles, this honey-coloured gel is comprised of sugars and ultra-fine oils. On contact with the skin, it transforms into a light oil and then into a milk that gently removes dead skin cells and impurities during rinsing. The skin is smoother and softer, the complexion purified and brightened. Rich in essential trace elements and vitamins, it leaves the skin relaxed, purified and delightfully replenished. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.”

Thoughts: I have no idea what this does to my skin except …dry it out…it supposedly has no grains in the product so it is very gentle when it exfoliates the skin. The texture of the product is fairly thick and gloopy but looks absolutely gorgeous with all the sparkly bits within the pale gold gel.

You apply the product on dry skin. I find it difficult to spread the product on my dry skin. But if you keep massaging, (I think the gel liquefies upon the heat from your palm), it turns into a light oil.

The product is supposed to go deep down into your skin to clean skin. My pores do look cleaner but this product is a little too harsh for me. I get furry skin after using this each time.

My mom who has much tougher skin than me (I have sensitive skin), loves this for deep cleansing her pores.

Verdict: Probably more suitable for someone with less sensitive skin.


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