Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s Pre-wedding Gala Dinner

Continuing our look back on Prince Guillaume of Luxemborg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s wedding celebrations for their first anniversary.

Earlier in the day, the Prince and his Countess was married at a Civil ceremony at the Town Hall, Place Guillaume II, covered here.

During the night, there was a pre-wedding Gala Dinner held at the Grand Ducal Palace. The focus on this post is naturally on what the ladies were wearing.

Guests in Red

 photo ladiesinred_zps812aef83.jpgLeft to Right: Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg & Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, 

Ladies in red…there’s the plain and simple lady in red (Princess Marie), while Princess Maxima went for a sparkly look combined with a huge poofy wrap.  Princess Margaretha and Crown Princess Mette-Marit were both in red sequined dresses…somehow Princess Margaretha wins this look for me…

Guests in Blue

 photo ladiesinblue_zpsea182ea5.jpg

Left to Right: Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Paola of the Belgians, Queen Sonja of Norway,  Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg,

Princess Sibilla is wearing a gorgeous navy strapless number. Unfortunately Queen Paola’s excessive layers didn’t look good nor did Queen Sonja’s bright blue strapless gown. I love Princess Mathilde’s lovely blue dress that matches with her eyes and my heart goes to any gown with a train!

Guests in silver and gold

 photo goldsilver_zps4dd8f379.jpgLeft to Right: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg,Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, Princess Martha Louise, Princess Miriam of Bulgaria

I much prefer the discrete, refined sparkle on the dresses of the Grand Duchess and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal.

Guests in Green

 photo greens_zps883bd5b8.jpg Left to Right:Princess Astrid of Belgium, Princess Claire of Belgium, unknown, Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, Queen Silvia of Sweden

I am a sucker for deep greens so I totally love Princess Astrid’s Elie Saab gown especially with all the sparkles! Love the lines of Princess Claire’s green dress except for the bottom…perhaps she wanted us to notice her lovely gold sandals which were really pretty! Queen Margarita shows how to wear bright green while Queen Silvia shows how not too (I find the dress a bit skimpy for a lady her age).

Guests in Beige

 photo beige_zps75156ec4.jpgLeft to Right: Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, The Princess of Venice and Piedmont (Clotilde Courau), Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Countess of Wessex

I would have thought one does not wear ivory to a wedding but I guess I am wrong? Crown Princess Katherine in tasteful lace and satin gown, while The Princess of Venice and Piedmont’s lace gown looks very interesting with the green underlay. Crown Princess Victoria is in another Elie Saab number. While the Countess looks lovely in her dress, I was hoping for another colour or something with more sparkles!

Guests in Black and Purples

 photo blackspurples_zps09c77574.jpgLeft to Right: Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Queen Anne Marie & Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Princess Lalla Salma is looking fierce in her black and gold attire while Princess Caroline does black with silver. Queen Anne Marie and Queen Fabiola both turn out in purple. I love Queen Anne Marie’s purple outfit.

The Venue

This scene greeted all the attendees…

 photo galavenue_zps8677406e.jpg

Breathtaking isn’t it? There were flowers in autumn colours and candles adorning the tables along with silverware.

 photo PrinceGuillaumeLuxembourgWeddingPrincenLX014cTGQgl_zps600a089e.jpg

The Bride

 photo bridegala_zps534f0366.jpgThe bride wore a silvery glittery Elie Saab gown. Check out the back detail!



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