Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s Religious Wedding: The Guests

Continuing with the first anniversary celebrations of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s 2012 wedding at this blog, I now present the post on what wedding guests wear to a formal day wedding…

Ladies in Cream

 photo white_zpsfcd164c4.jpgLeft to Right: Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, the Princess of Venice and Piedmont , Queen Sonja of Norway

I was pretty sure I saw Queen Anne-Marie’s attire as cream, however it appears to be a very pale light blue coat and dress after all…I love her coat, it looks like the coat is studded with pearls!  I think the Princess needs some tips from the other 2 Queens on lingerie…totally love Queen Sonja’s jaunty hat!

Ladies in Beige with fancy embroidery
 photo beige1_zpsee871504.jpgLeft to Right: Sophie von Hapsburg, the Princess of Asturias, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden,

In order not to look boring in beige, these ladies chose fancy embroidery on their beige coats. Totally love Sophia von Hapsburg’s embroidered coat and dress, but I really wish she wore some headgear! Love  Letizia’s coat!! Victoria’s gone for a slightly darker beige coat with details on the lower half of the coat.

Ladies in head to toe Beige
 photo beige2_zps10eed013.jpg  Left to Right: Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, Princess Caroline of Monaco

These ladies opted to jazz up their head to toe beige outfits with sparkly good stuff!! Totally love Princess Caroline’s veiled hat…

Ladies in Grey

 photo greys_zps907717a5.jpgLeft to Right: Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Queen Paola of the Belgians, Princess Tessy

Princess Märtha looks classy in her head to toe silver coat, Queen Paola’s fur hat looks a little out-of-place in the midst of light summery hats, Princes Marie-Chantal needs advice too on her lingerie, Princess Tessy is gorgeous especially with that huge hat of hers!

Ladies in Red
 photo red_zps4de9d141.jpg

Left to Right:Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Sibilla, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa,

Princess Mary’s wine coloured suit is absolutely gorgeous with her grey accessories! Princess Sybilla is gorgeous in a red outfit also paired with grey accessories.  While the Grand Duchess is bright and cheery in orange, her outfit design does not suit her full figure.

Ladies in Purple
 photo purple_zpsd81ef0ef.jpg

Left to Right: Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess Claire of Belgium,

Gorgeous ladies in purple…Princess Sarvath in her purple outfit, look closely to see her purple embroidered skirt. Love the picture of Queen Margrethe and Beatrix in different shades of purple standing together!Princess Claire’s dress is beautiful with that 1940s shape…wish I had better pictures with her shoes! updated with a better picture with Princess Claire’s shoes…see how lovely they are!

Ladies who didn’t fit in with my colour themes…

 photo blue_zps76e44b02.jpgLeft to Right: Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Princess Máxima of Netherlands, the Countess of Wessex,

Love how Princess Lalla loves colour! Her bright blue fits the occasion while Princess Mette’s head to toe navy is so sombre! Princess Máxima did brighten the day with her mustard top and look at that hat! The Countess of Wessex was a breath of fresh air in her black and white printed dress. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that outfit, the 1940s design accentuates her figure.

Updated with pictures of more guests…


 photo prints_zps781a81ad.jpgLeft to Right: Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, Countess Diane de Nassau, unknown, Princess Astrid of Belgium,

Turns out the Countess of Wessex isn’t the only lady who wore prints. We have a striped coat, a printed skirt, a printed dress coat and a 1940s printed dress coat.  Love the beige pattern coat dress that Princess Astrid wore…notice her shoes? There’s a huge rose at the back of her shoes! Love!!

Grey seems popular

 photo grey3_zpsb27a2174.jpgLeft to Right: unknown, Princess Marie of Liechtenstein,  Princess Marie Astrid

Another batch of guests in grey…a silver grey paired with maroon accessories, a darker grey dress coat paired with black accessories and finally a taupish skirt suit paired with beige accessories.

Pale pink to purple
 photo pinks_zpsc1d75add.jpgLeft to Right: Princess Margaretha, unknown, I believe this lady is the bride’s aunt, the Duchess of Parma,  unknown

We have a pale pink ensemble which is just lovely! A shocking pink jacket paired with black trousers, a shocking pink dress coat paired with grey accessories, and a purple top and skirt paired with navy accessories and finally a purple velvet coat over a purplish dress!

Any favourite guest attires?



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