Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s Religious Wedding: The Bridal Party and The Bride

In celebration of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s first anniversary, we wrote previously about the Civil Wedding here and the Pre-Wedding Gala Dinner here . For the Religious Wedding, we covered the car and venue decorations here and the guests’ fashion at the wedding here.

This post focuses on the Bridal Party and the Bride.

The Bridal Party

On the left, we have the younger page boys dressed in a floral blue coat with white lace at their collars and sleeves and orange breeches. The younger bridesmaids were also dressed in blue (a blue that was slightly lighter than the page-boy’s blue) with white lace at their collars, sleeves and the bottom of their dresses. The dresses feature a waist band that was the same blue shade as their dress with  2 thin orange strips on the top and bottom of the band that was tied as a bow at the back. The younger bridemaids carried baskets of flowers containing white, orange and yellow roses.

 photo bridalparty_zps7234d2ea.jpgThe older bridemaids wore peach long gowns that had a slight train. One gown had long sleeves  and a boat neckline that ended in a deep v at the back. Another gown had no sleeves but ended also with a deep v at the back with the addition of some sort of a knot. The older bridemaids simple updo was anchored with orange flowers.

The Bride

The Bride wore a heavily embroidered and embellished creation by Elie Saab Couture. According to the designer, the white gown required 3,200 hours of work and embroidery, and 700 hours of sewing by a team of 25.

 photo flower_zpsd6dfa66e.jpg

The gown was an ivory shade and made of lace and tulle and was heavily  embroidered with leaves using silver thread. The gown was made using 50 metres of Chantilly lace, 40 metres of Calais lace, 30 metres of satin organza, 70 metres of tulle, silk crepe for the lining. The intricate embroidery was created with 200 transparent sequins, more than 80,000 transparent crystals and 50,000 small beads, which required 10,000 metres of silver-plated thread.

The gown featured a round neckline that ended with a low back and three-quarter length sleeves that were sheer.  The gown was belted with an embellished belt and ended with a full skirt. If you take a closer look at the profile of the bride in the second picture, there seems to be some separation between the train and the skirt. Perhaps the train flowed from the belt?  The bride’s bouquet was a creation of the House Lachaume Paris and consisted of white orchids and roses.

 photo veil_zpsf96bcab0.jpg

The 4 metres long veil was made using 15 meters of ivory silk tulle and embroidered with silver thread leaves by the designer. Have a look at the intricate embroidery on the furthest right picture.

 photo jewellery_zpsa61485d7.jpg

The bride accessoried with the Lannoy family tiara, a pair of diamond drop earrings and a delicate necklace.  See the second photo for details of the back of the tiara and top photo on the third column for the front of the tiara. The gold wedding rings exchanged by the couple are nestled on the white pillow. I really wish the Bride had decided to either touch up her roots or redye her hair…

source:,, covermedia


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