Inspired by the Duchess: Double Drop Pearl Earrings by Manhattern Pearls

The Duchess of Cambridge has a pair of double drop pearl earrings that she occassionally wears. The earrings are worn third from left in the picture below.  These earrings were featured previously on this post.


I found a similar pair of earrings by Manhattan Pearls on Ashley Clarke’s website called the Double Drop Pearl Earrings. The earrings are described:” Double Drop Pearl Earrings in 14 carat yellow gold by New York design house Manhattan Pearls. With a modern approach to wearing pearls, these designer pearl earrings combine contemporary design with traditional elegance.”

 photo p30277_b_zps0b5a293c.jpg

Thoughts: My pair of earrings came with the bottom pearls fairly rounded. It was not as narrow as pictured. However, I had the same problem as the Links of London Hope Egg Earrings (see review). Because my ears are fleshy and pierced in the middle of the ear lobes, the drop length of these earrings were not sufficiently long for my ear lobes so they tend to stick out weirdly.

The pearls have a beautiful luster. One of the drop pearls is slightly smaller than the other one. Colourwise, all 4 of the pearls are perfectly matched. My ivory pearls have a tinge of pinkness to them which I simply adore.

I gave these pair of earrings to my mom (because of my stupid ear lobes) and it looks gorgeous on her! However, because of the size of the pearls (they are huge), she reckons it is more of a special occasion jewellery.

If ivory pearls are not your cup of tea, perhaps you might wish to check out these black ones…

 photo p32137_a_zps0b7b45c6.jpg

They are called the Peacock Pearl Double Drop Earrings.
Verdict: Drop dead gorgeous earrings! However, appears bigger than the ones worn by the Duchess.


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