Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s Religious Wedding: Style tips from the Guests

Previously we looked at the style tips of the guests during the pre-wedding gala dinner of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy. Today we take a look at the style tips of the guests during the religious wedding.

How to wear Hats with veils

 photo veilhats_zpsf636fa8c.jpg

  • Style tip 1: Because the dress is decorated with lots of embellishment and paired with a poufy veil, one should go for less ornate earrings .
  • Style tip 2: Since the smaller veil hat is not the focus,  one can add more accessories like a strand of pearl necklace, a pearl and diamond drop brooch and diamond drop earrings.
  • Style tip 3: Since the dress is pretty plain, one can wear a more ornate hat – check out the flowers + veil + sparkles on the veil. And to pull together the look one needs to add pearl accessories (since there’s one cream flower on the hat!).

How to wear huge hats
 photo bighats_zps5943e281.jpg

  • Style tip 1: If you have a heavily embroidered coat, wear a simple hat. Simple studs are the way to go especially since there are feathers on the hat.
  • Style tip 2: Simple earrings with a huge hat. But jazz up the otherwise plain outfit with a huge sparkly brooch.
  • Style tip 3: When one has a plain outfit with a simple plain huge hat, one can go with a slightly fancier pair of earrings.

How to wear pillbox
 photo queens_zps1d189b20.jpg

  • style tip 1: pale cream with a bow to keep it interesting. Add a little green (earrings) to add some colour to my outfit.
  • style tip 2: add a little brooch to my drab grey fur hat so it looks interesting.
  • style tip 3: Addin some pom poms to the side of my hat means I keep everything else simple and neat.

How to wear small hats
 photo smallhats_zps1bcc9d62.jpg

  • Style tip 1: since one’s hat is so small, one can wear a huge pair of diamond earrings.
  • style tip 2: since one’s earrings arent sufficiently sparkly, one shall add sparkles to the hat.
  • style tip 3: to detract attention from my cabbage leaf hat, one shall add a huge diamond drop brooch.

Mix and Match
 photo colouredstones_zps13908a12.jpg

  • style tip 1: I shall add colour with a pair of blue earrings to my head to toe grey outfit!
  • style tip 2: The way the grey hat slants, it draws attention to my ears, thus a huge pair of lovely earrings should be worn.
  • style tip 3: My hat’s grey, my outfit’s a wine shade. I bring the look together with a pair of ruby and greyish pearl drop earrings.

Feathers in caps

 photo feathers2_zps75d47cea.jpg

  • style tip 1: a small amount of red feathers brings a festive mood.
  • style tip 2: a wide brim hat with feathers and bows require a delicate pair of earrings

More feathery friends
 photo feathers_zpsa4fb59db.jpg

  • style tip 1: when in doubt, go for a smaller size hat and in black…a tiny amount of sparkles are permitted.
  • style tip 2: a huge fancy hat is balanced with a pair of classic small diamond and pearl drop earrings.
  • style tip 3: if one is going big, one should go all the way. my statement feathered hat requires a pair of statement earrings too!

No hats for me…
 photo nohats_zpsac908d8e.jpg

  • Style tip 1: I don’t need a hat if I accessorize with a huge brooch. Preferably a coral one that matches perfectly with my cream and beige attire.
  • Style tip 2: Huge sapphire necklace and earrings complement blue outfits perfectly.
  • Style tip 3: I wore a headband with my plaits! Do check out my spiky earrings!

All the more the merrier
 photo focus_zpsadb98a46.jpg

  • style tip 1: Diamonds go with everything.
  • style tip 2: Even  if one is wearing a huge or a  fancy fascinator, one can always accessorize  with pearls and more pearls.

Final style note: Just because the event is a day event, it does not mean one needs to leave the diamonds at home!



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