Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s Gala Dinner: Style tips from the Guests

The fashion style of the guests for Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s pre-wedding gala dinner was covered here. We take a closer look at how these lovely ladies accessorized their outfits in this post.

Firstly, we have the immediate families of the Luxembourg ladies…

 photo family_zpsc4a60107.jpg

  • Style tip 1: The mother of the groom went classic with pearls and diamonds for her sparkly gold dress.
  • Style tip 2: The focus is the sleeve on the gown, so the smaller flora tiara on Princess Alexandra does not detract attention.
  • Style tip 3: The Bride wore the Luxembourg’s larger floral tiara to match the floral embroidery on her gown…love her hairstyle here!

Next, we look at how the ladies accessorize their blue outfits…

 photo blues_zpsef14d421.jpg

  • Style tip 1: Queen Palo’s gone for all diamonds with her navy gown to match with the sparkles on her gown.
  • Style tip 2: It’s fine to match diamond and pearl earrings with the rest of the diamond jewelleries if the pearl earrings have diamonds too. Princess Mathilde of Belgium’s gone with diamonds (tiara, necklace, bracelets – one on each wrist!) and a pair of diamond and pearl earrings.
  • Style tip 3: Matching is good…especially if it’s all pearls… Queen Sonja’s went the classic pearl route with her blue strapless gown – note the pearl and diamond tiara, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelet and pearl earrings.

Here’s how the various ladies accessorised their beige dresses…

 photo beige_zps918159b0.jpg

  • Style tip 1: Diamonds truly go with everything, especially if you want to increase the overall sparkly effect of your dress.
  • Style tip 2: If you feel your neck’s a bit bare, huge diamonds really are the way to go aka see Princess Victoria’s look.
  • Style tip 3: take note…beige also goes with aquamarines! See how the Countess of Wessex added colour to her beige dress with aquamarines on her head.

Further style tips from the ladies in red…

 photo red_zpsa2b48324.jpg

  • Style tip 1: Red matches with green…especially if the green is in small quantities. See how Princess Astrid matched her red gown with a diamond and emerald tiara.
  • Style tip 2: Rubies and diamonds go well with a red dress as in Princess Mary’s.
  • Style tip 3: If your dress has silver and red sequins, it is better to the match the gown with jewellery that has more diamonds than rubies a la Princess Maxima.

Our second group of ladies in red…

 photo red2_zps2acdfb9a.jpg

  • Style tip 1: We have the classic pairing of diamonds with a red gown on Princess Mette-Marit.
  • Style tip 2: A diamond and pearl combination for Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria is also a classy look.
  • Style tip 3: With age comes experience, blue and red goes well together…Princess Margaretha went blue and red with aquamarines in her tiara and earrings! Notice that in both groups of ladies in red, it’s the older ladies who dared to match their red dresses with coloured stone jewelleries?

And finally, I call these group of ladies my idols…because this really should be the way to accessorise your outfit…especially for a special event of this magnitude…

 photo idols_zps36bd00d0.jpg

  • Style tip 1: If your gown is plain with no sparkly effects, you can create your own sparkly effect with a diamond tiara, long diamond drop earrings and a diamond brooch.
  • Style tip 2: If you can’t decide which tiara to wear, wear both (the necklace is actually a convertible tiara) and do not forget the extra-large sparkly diamond earrings because you need to balance out the diamonds on your head and neck.
  • Style tip 3: If your gown is plain with no sparkly effects, you can create your own sparkly effect with diamonds. In addition, you can choose coloured stones such as an aquamarine pendent and sapphire brooch to add colour to your outfit.
  • Style tip 4: Aquamarines go really well with navy and if you feel your gown’s neckline is too revealing, your need huge earrings as well as a necklace. Not to mention a huge aquamarine brooch adds some colour to a head to toe navy outfit. One must not forget a bracelet too, preferably in the same matching coloured stone as the rest of your jewelleries.
  • Style tip 5: Black is too sombre for a wedding. One must jazz up the gown with loads of gold and diamond jewellery. Because there’s no tiara to add the sparkly effect, one needs to add a diamond encrusted belt.

I hope you enjoy the style tips of the various royal ladies…hope they would be useful!



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