Chanel Les Khaki de Chanel Nailpolish Collection

CHANEL is soooo going to kill me…I have just written a post on Chanel’s new lipgloss called Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Glossaaaand now there’s news of a new limited edition, exclusive nail polish collection! For the pass couple of months, I have been reading about Chanel’s Paradoxal being the must have nail shade for fall…the fall 2010 Les de Contraste collection has just been released… I am still digesting the fall collection and in the midst of writing a review…

But…no doubt if you are regular readers of beauty blogs, you would have read about the buzz of Chanel’s Khaki Nail-polishes or Les Khaki de Chanel Collection…that sounds so much more french…so much more chic…which just gets me all worked up…in a really good way!


To see actual swatches of the nail-polish, please see the post by Sophy Robson or The Beauty Look Book.

Naturally, such an interesting collection will be limited edition and to further drive us “nutty”, availability will be limited to the Chanel website (US), certain counters and boutiques…

Psst…if you are in Singapore, apparently the opening of Chanel’s Boutique at Marina Sands will be celebrated with these little gems…when exactly? I honesty have no idea but the US ladies should be able to get their hands on these babies around the second week of September…

Does this collection interest you? Are you going to get them at all costs?

Happy hunting!


UPDATED (SEP 12 2010): Ladies in Singapore should be able to get the nailpolish at Marina Bay Sands. Ladies in London should be able to get their hands on these at Selfridges.

After having seen the polishes, I must admit that its quite an interesting collection that I never expected Chanel to produce! However, in terms of wear-ability for me, this collection would not fit in with my skin tone (pink toned). Hence I passed on this collection. But if you are a fan of browns or love interesting shades, do take a look at them!

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